full name zara suleiman birthdate & age august 23, 1990 / 27 place of birth amman, jordan hometown upper east side, manhattan, new york residence soho, manhattan, new york
• Born in Amman was enough to solidify Zara's loyalty to the country. Though her mother is Qatari, and she is only half-Jordanian, she considers herself fully Jordanian and relates solely to her Jordanian roots. Taking her father's side in terms of ethnicity doesn't apply to religion, however; she wavers often between both Islam (her mother) and Christianity (her father), raised as both.

• As much as she considers herself Jordanian, she is also a very proud Manhattanite. Attending private school, always supplied with the latest trends and most expensive purses, Zara was left wanting for nothing. Between her father's jewelry store and her mother's family wealth, Zara embraced the typical 'rich Arab' stereotype that she fit neatly into, her parents never suggesting that extravagances wouldn't be financed. This was particularly true for Zara's father, Charles, who consistently treated her as his favorite.

• This bubble that she lived in was burst at the sudden incarceration of her father when she was sixteen. No longer sheltered with the illusion that family wealth came from his trade in jewels but in fact his trade in opiates and other schedule i drugs, Zara experienced a difficult adjustment period as she realised that her dearest father, who could do no wrong, was a convicted criminal and running an opiate syndicate.

• As quickly as the news had come, her father made the decision to send both herself and her younger brother, Malik, out of the US until the repercussions of his arrest had settled. Malik was sent to Dubai to live with his grandparents, Zara sent to medical school in Ireland to become a surgeon.

• The decision to be a surgeon was not Zara's own. She in fact, only aspired to work in PR and continue the frivolant upbringing that she was used to. Her ability to succeed as a doctor came after the mentorship of a professor that she fell in love with, Luke O'Rielly, still unknowing to this day that it is his friendship with her father that allowed for her manipulation to become a doctor.

• Returning to New York was a decision that she did not have to make: it seemed inevitable in her eyes. Now five years since her father's arrest, she hadn't anticipated being thrown into the fold of a continuing Suleiman syndicate: now being run by her older brother, Rami, instead of her father. She had been back in NY for only eight months before she was exposed to the darker side of her father's work: the insistence on her medical degree apparent, being used to fix up her father's associates after shootings and fallouts.

• The only Suleiman child to visit her father in prison, and their parents divorced, Zara progressively was convinced by her father to uphold more and more responsibilities of the business to support her brother's inadequacies. By nature, Rami was frivolent and indulgant, making foolish moves and sacrificing Suleiman territory in New York, Zara now being sent to compensate for his operational mistakes.

• Progressively, over time, Zara found herself deeper and deeper in the responsibilities of running the Suleiman syndicate alongside her medical residency at New York-Presbytarian. Instead of only coming to clean the messes, she worked harder to try to avoid them, until her father's associates began to turn to her to make significant decisions instead of her brother.

• There is a horrible part of Zara who has never known power like she does when she is involved in criminal activity and craves it when life is feeling too ordinary. Despite this, being threatened by a DEA agent in July 2017 has caused her to pull back from her involvement in the family business.

• Over the past four months, she has been progressively been destroying everything her father built. Territory, associates, connections. With a grace period of three more months until he was on parole, Zara is convinced that she must destroy everything and save her future in New York in the process.

• Despite this, she still struggles with the reality that her life is about to become very ordinary.